So following up from my previous post: The product placement in the new film,  Ghost in the Shell: Arise border: 1 Ghost Pain, pisses me off.  Now, as I stated before the little commercial for the Microsoft Surface was alright as a stand alone concept but the product shows up several times in the movie itself. Twice it shows up on a flashy billboard in the background, and several times it’s shown being used as the Major’s personal computer. 

And sure, Stand Alone Complex had some product placement as well: concept cars, and the, then unreleased. Mazda RX-8 and other real world cars like Lamborghinis and Batou’s Lancia Stratos, but cars are different, some cars never lose their charm thats why a 1970’s car like the Lancia isn’t weird in 2029. And to be fair the new film also has some product placement for what I assume is a concept luxury car for Infiniti, again a car fourteen years in the future isn’t all that odd.

But computers are completely different. 

First, this is a 2013 tablet PC being actively used and advertised in 2027. To compare, that would be like using  computers from 1999 in our daily, contemporary lives  And second, Ghost in the Shell is set in a world where cybernetic technology is the central component of everyday life. If you have both full-dive capability (like in The Matrix) and a permanent AR interface, why would you ever use a tablet? It would be faster and easier to simply call up the data on your cybernetic eye. 

It just makes no sense. I understand a anime film like this is expensive to produce but this particular sponsorship is just doing the world of Ghost in the Shell a big disservice, but of course that’s just my opinion.

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    I completely agree with this…
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    i havent seen it but this guy nails it, why is a cyborg using a tablet? lame
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